Scroll down to have your questions answered. If you need further assistance, give us a shout at hello@thepopcrowd.com.

Need some help? Find some answers to some of your questions below. If you need further assistance, you may also give us a shout at help@thepopcrowd.com.

About us

Our definition
Popcrowd is designed to reinvent the way brands connect with people. To us, fashion is not all about numbers and figures. It is about beauty and art.

What do we do?
Our goal is to showcase fashion as an art. Our community is built to discover, share, engage with, and buy the things they love from some of the most creative-minded brands.

How does it work?
Brands are able build their free stores by signing up here, while allowing any shopper to share items with their friends.

How can I gain access?
To gain access, you will have to have an invite code. You can get this through a friend, or request one here.

When will I receive my invite?
If you have already requested access, we do appreciate your patience with us. We are still working on a few things under the hood, and the rollout could take a few weeks. We think you'll love it.


Why shop with Popcrowd?
No one can discover the new and the fresh that easily. It's not made to be found in a more collective place. If you feel the need to discover something new, and to understand the anatomy of a new label, and to share this easily with anyone around, you'd have a great time here.

What can I find on Popcrowd?
We focus on building a community around fashion brands. We care about what people wear, and our team is always on the lookout for brands that bring the best to our shoppers.

How are the items organized?
We wanted to make this about you, the people. The items that are the most wanted get upvoted on the page. This way, new brands get highlighted daily, and you get to discover something new everyday.

How can I share a product?
After you sign up, it is as simple as hitting the 'Share' link over any product and picking your favorite place to share it on.

Where can I share?
You may share any item on any listed social network. You could also copy the product link and paste it onto your personal blog or website. Every link is automatically connected to your profile.

Open a store

How are we better from other storefronts?
By aiming to build a connected marketplace, more transparency is created between brands and shoppers. There are no upfront or recurring costs to maintaining a store with us. And most importantly, anyone is able to share listed items with their friends, driving sales for you and earning rewards for themselves. Everyone wins.

How can I create my free store?
Simply sign up here. Your store should be all set and launched within minutes.

Are there any item limitations for listings?
You may list as many items as you want for free. Our team will review all the items being listed, and the approval should take no longer than a few hours.

How do I ship my products?
You set your own shipping prices and methods through the shipping tab on your dashboard. Once you receive an order, we trust that you ship the item to the customer based on the method chosen.

How do I get paid when an item of mine gets sold?
Once you mark an order as shipped, the funds are made available to you in your "Bank" tab. For complete details on security and privacy, check out our terms.

How are returns handled?
If you do accept returns, you may choose your return time frame after the customer has received the item. Once a return is requested, you will see it in your notifications on the side panel.

May I shop for products with a seller account?
Purchasing and discovering other items and brands will require you to create a separate user account.


Where are items able to be shipped?
It is completely up to our brands to pick their shipping preferences. While most of our brands are based in the UK and Europe, they have the option to ship anywhere.

How does my item get shipped to me?
Every brand can set their own shipping standard and use a carrier of their choice. You will be receiving your order according to the chosen method.

How much does the shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary upon each item, and are set by the brands that you are shopping from.

Am I able to track my order?
As of now, you will get a timeframe of when your items will be arriving. In the near future, we do plan on including a tracking link. Please keep in mind that different stores will have different shipping time frames, due to the item type or store location.

I did not receive my item!
If your order has not reached you in the promised time frame, please write to our team here, and be sure to include your order number.


How do returns work?
Brands set their own rules for returns. You may return anything you purchased provided that it fits within the brand's terms.

How do I return an item?
You may request to return an order by visiting your previous purchases in your profile.

What if I just want to exchange an item?
Exchanges work the same way. The only difference is that there will be no additional transaction since it will be a simple swap.